Most of our classes (except BFHBeamer) are based on KOMA-Script. Not all options to pass to \documentclass are documented here but they can be found in the official documentation. For BFHBeamer the same applies for the beamer documentation.


Use the web site texdoc.org to lookup TeX and LaTeX documentation online. It provides a user-familiar web interface and also RESTful API to the texdoc CLI backend program.

BFH Classes

The BFH LaTeX provides four document classes.

  • BFH Publications Class

    • For all documents except for thesis. Choose one of the KOMA script base classes : scrreprt, scrbook, scrartcl.

  • BFH Thesis Class

    • The LaTeX class for a thesis or a thesis like document.

  • BFH Beamer Class

    • Provides LaTeX slides in two different themes. The default variant is used for general purpose presentations. For lectures we provide a sidebar based outer theme.

  • BFH Poster Class

    • Present your work with a clean and good looking poster.

Have a look at the following sections for more information about the class. For each class we provide a minimal example downloadable from the BFH-CI section.