BFH Thesis Class


  a4paper,              % paper format
  10.5pt,               % font-size
  BCOR=18mm,            % Binding correction
  bibliography=totoc,   % If enabled add bibliography to TOC
  listof=totoc,         % If enabled add lists to TOC
  twoside=true,         % two sided document (default: true)
]{bfhthesis}            % KOMA-script report


The Thesis Class provides a pre-formatted thesis basic LaTeX document structure. Some important variables are available to make your life easier. E.g \declarationOfAuthorship and \setupSignature, which provides you a pre-written declaration of authorship text in multiple languages (derived from documents default language) and the possibility to add a graphics of your signature.

For more details about the provided variables, have a look at BFH LaTeX CI Variables.

To get started we recommend to have a look at the minimal example DEMO-BFHThesis.tex, which you can find in the examples zip folder from BFH CI releases.

A complete thesis template with more code examples is available in the template template zip folder.