BFH LaTeX Installation

To use the BFH LaTeX Classes you have to follow the OS dependent installation procedure.


If you are using Docker this section can be skipped, please continue here.


If you are a newbie in using LaTeX. It is a good idea to read the sections Tools, Editors and Configuration and Beginner’s Guide after installing the BFH LaTeX CI. For more information about how to use the BFH LaTeX classes and packages read the BFHClasses and User Documentation sections after installing the packages as described below.


Check if your system fully meets the requirements of the basic LaTeX Installation needed for the BFH LaTeX Classes. E.g if required default font nunito is installed. Otherwise, follow the installation guidelines for the basic LaTeX installation.

Legacy Installation

The legacy installation includes downloading the BFH package files as .zip and manually installing them in the correct location.


The basic LaTeX packages still need to be installed previously to be able to use the installation. You can install them using a package manager (Linux) or TexLive Manager. Please read the native installation instructions.