There are plenty of customization possibilities for a document. Have a look what options you can pass to the BFH classes or what variables are predefined for you.

In the section BFH Color aliases, you find a description how to change colors in your document. E.g the background color of the title-page

Furthermore, the BFH LaTeX developers provides some nice boxes and terminals. So you can highlight some important information in a document or create a self explained tutorials with command line inputs. More information about these modules can be found in the section BFH Modules.

General customization e.g how to replace default headings and footers are listed below.

Headings and Footers

As per default the BFH LaTeX template follows the BFH CD layout rules. However, you can replace the default settings of the layout. Use the example snippet below as a template to do so.


Please avoid using the pagestyle{fancy} provided by the package \usepackage{fancyhdr} as this package doesn’t support various capabilities of KOMA-Script.

\KOMAoptions{headsepline,plainheadsepline,footsepline,plainfootsepline}% add seperator line
\setkomafont{headsepline}{\color{BFH-DarkBlue}} % BFH-DarkBlue requires bfhcolors package
\setkomafont{footsepline}{\color{BFH-DarkBlue}} %

\ihead*{ihead} % the * character does replace the header on the first chapter page as well
\cfoot*{\pagemark} % Use \pagemark to set pagenumbering


\ifoot = inner footer
\cfoot = center footer
\ofoot = outer footer

For a twosided documents you can use:
\rehead = right even head
\rohead = right odd head
and so on.

For more information about scrlayer read the package documentation about Headers/Footers.