Things to Avoid

Nested center environments

Avoid LaTeX code as shown in the example snippet:


Use \centering inside such environments instead.

Line breaks and paragraphs

  • Do not combine line breaks and paragraphs such as \\\par. Either you need a line break (which is really uncommon except inside math or tables) or you need to end the current paragraph.

  • For spaces between two paragraphs use \smallskip \medskip \bigskip

Makeat macros inside packages and classes


We are open for any implemented features, please contact us via GitLab.

If you are working on your own LaTeX package or class, avoid makeat macros such as \makeatletter or \makeatother. This is not necessary and it’s even breaking some automatic mechanism.

Inside class and package files @ already uses the letter catcode. Therefore inside those files one can use macros including @ without switching the structure.

Fancyhdr Pagestyle

Avoid using pagestyle{fancy} provided by the package \usepackage{fancyhdr}. This package has no support for several KOMA-Script features, for example the element scheme (\setkomafont, \addtokomafont and \usekomafont) or the configurable numbering format for dynamic headers.

Hence, if you are using the BFH LaTeX classes, which are based on the KOMA-Script class, you should use the new scrlayer-scrpage package instead.