TeXStudio Settings

Use the LaTeX GUI editor installed earlier to open and edit all sorts of TeX files. To have a smooth and clean work environment using TeXStudio apply some setting described in this article.

  1. Open the configuration window Options -> Configure TeXStudio

  2. Go to Build -> Change Default Compiler to latexmk and Default Bibliography Tool to BibTeX

    Missing TeXStudio configuration dialog

  3. In the bottom left corner, activate -> Show Advanced Options

    • Build Options: Add as additional search paths Log File -> _build

    • Build Options: Add as additional search paths PDF File path -> _build

    Missing TeXStudio configuration build folder


    If you use the .latexmkrcfile that comes with all examples, the described change is necessary because we set the latexmk build output directory to _build to keep the project clean.

  4. Go to Commands -> Change latexmk command to latexmk -lualatex -silent -synctex=1 % as we want to use LuaTeX for processing our files to pdf

    Missing TeXStudio configuration latexmk setting


Read the article about Latexmk for more details about the compilation of your TeX documents. As described in this article, there is a configuration file that gets read on every run. This configuration file is either global or local and named .latexmkrc.

Add the configuration $out_dir = '_build'; to this configuration file. The configuration tells Latexmk to store all build files in a sub directory called _build. This have one key advantage. Having all build files in one place keeps your LaTeX project folder clean. Furthermore, one can exclude this folder very easily from version control if you use version control such as Git for example.