LaTeX on BFH Windows


Avoid working on LaTeX documents located on the BFH network drive, as the building times increase immesurably. We recommand to work on a local drive instead.

If you use a computer with a BFH Windows installation, all required applications are packaged and available via the Software Center. Search for Software Center if you didn’t use it before and click the application icon to start it.

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Installation of TeXLive

  • Install TeXLive from the Software Center. (Take the most recent version)

    Missing Windows download_3 picture


    The installation can take up to 15 minutes, so please be patient.

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Additional Tools/Packages


Administrator privileges are required for tools not installed via the Software Center.


Biber is used to generate bibliography in LaTeX.

Download and install the .exe file from the offical release website.



Install TeXStudio from the Software Center. (The most recent version)

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VS Code

General purpose editor, together with the extension LaTeX Workshop

Installation Documentation