LaTeX on Windows


Because the TeX distribution modifies the search path of your system, only one TeX distribution can be active at a time. If you have MiKTeX installed remove it first or adapt the search path to switch between the two if you don’t want uninstall MiKTeX.

As said earlier there are multiple ways of getting a TeX distribution. However, we recommend the usage of TeXLive for Windows. Uninstall other TeX distributions if you don’t know how to switch the search path or if you have no strong arguments for having multiple TeX distributions in parallel on your system.

Follow the description below to download and run the TeXLive installer.

Installation of TeXLive

  • For further information about the installation, read the installation information.

  • Download the TeXLive installer

    Missing Windows download_2 picture

  • Run TeXLive installer as administrator

    Missing Windows installing_1 picture

    Missing Windows installing_2 picture

  • Choose Switzerland

    Missing Windows installing_4 picture

  • Disable installation TeXworks as we recommend to use texstudio

    Missing Windows installing_5 picture

  • In the schema control menu “Advanced -> Selections -> Scheme” choose “small scheme” installation.

    Missing Windows installing_98 picture

  • Start the installation

    Missing Windows installing_99 picture

  • Download tex-requirements.txt

  • Open Powershell in the download directory as an administrator.

  • Install the additional packages listed in tex-requirements.txt

    tlmgr.bat install $(cat .\tex-requirements.txt)
  • After a successful installation, you should have a directory called texlive on the C: drive of your system.

    Missing Windows installing_100 picture


    The TeXLive documentation in multiple formats (html, pdf, …) and languages (en, de, fr, …) is available on

Additional Tools/Packages

Fonts (required)

Install the default (and thus required) font nunito for the BFH CI.

Open TeX Live Manager and check if you already have installed nunito, if not install the font.

Missing Windows texLiveManager picture

Missing Windows texLiveManager picture


As described earlier, you can literally use any plain text editor to edit LaTeX documents. However, for beginners we recommend installing one of the editors listed below.

VS Code

General purpose editor, together with the extension LaTeX Workshop

Installation Documentation